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Pelican Achieves Competent Manufacturer Certification

Pelican Houston and Pelican Wuxi achieved ISO9001:2015 accreditation many years ago. European Customers of Pelican BV, especially chemical plants, and large tank operators, expect Pelican BV to also be certified. Though Pelican BV is not a manufacturing site, certification is still a key point as it indicates a company is approved for ADR/RID (European road and rail regulations) including the ISO9001 designation.

For this reason, Pelican BV recently acquired the status of ‘Competent Manufacturer’ which encompasses all-important certifications under one label. This indicates Pelican BV is fully in compliance with ISO9001 as well as ADR RID because our manufacturing companies have passed ISO9001:2015 certification and our parts are ADR/RID certified.

Pelican BV can create and renew ADR/RID certificates without the need to acquire a separate ISO9001:2015 certificate. This Competent Manufacturer certificate can be shown to customers of Pelican BV as proof we comply with ISO9001 and ADR/RID as many large European operators and chemical plants may only do business with suppliers who comply with certification requirements. This certification means that we have full ISO certificates with our manufacturing companies in place and Pelican Worldwide B.V. can apply these certificates in full compliance.

Lloyds of London issued the Competent Manufacturer certification valid to 2024.

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