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How to Properly Install a Manlid Seal

The following video demonstrates how to properly install a manlid seal. Before proceeding, verify the replacement seal or gasket is the appropriate size and material for your application. When possible, remove the manlid from the neck ring and place it on a sturdy work surface for the safest and easiest installation. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment including ANSI-rated safety glasses and follow the safety guidelines and best practices required by your depot or workplace. The tank trailer or tank container may have contained hazardous materials causing the manlid to require special handling. Used gaskets or seals should be properly disposed of.

Video Recap:
List of materials to install a manlid include,
• a rubber mallet,
• the manlid,
• a replacement seal.

Steps to install a manlid seal:
1. Center the seal on the manlid
2. Push the seal in at four points separated by 90°
3. Tap the seal/gasket in place using a mallet
4. Properly dispose of used seal/gasket

How to install a manlid seal explained | Center the replacement seal onto the manlid and press it in at four points located at right angles (the top, bottom, and on the right and left sides). On a clock, this is at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Gently push or pull the seal as needed. You may need to apply some pressure to get the seal or gasket started at each of these positions. Using the mallet, work all the way around the manlid and tap down the seal until it is firmly seated.

A helpful tip when installing a manlid seal: If any part of the seal does not easily sit into the manlid groove, you can use a small piece of plastic or a section of spare rubber along with the mallet to tap down any kinks or raised areas.
To finish strong, properly dispose of used seals and return all tools to their assigned locations. This is also a good time to verify your seal or gasket inventory is at optimum levels and place any backfill orders.