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How to order Hose Assemblies

We don’t know who originally created the following helpful way to remember all the vital information necessary to order a hose assembly right the first time - and every time - but we appreciate their idea and share it here because it works.
The information provided to the hose supplier must include specific data to build, test, and deliver a suitable and safe hose assembly.
STAMPED is the industry-standard acrostic, or mnemonic device, used for remembering all necessary parameters for a complete and appropriate hose assembly for any application. Each letter of the word “STAMPED” is a reminder to include the detail that starts with each letter of the word:

Using this method ensures you don’t start the order and then realize important data is missing, or worse, think these parameters aren’t necessary and any hose assembly will work. Place your hose orders using your unique STAMPED details or call the Customer Service Team and they can help guide you through the STAMPED process. 
If you can remember STAMPED, then you are on your way to determining and communicating the details needed to build and deliver the right hose assembly for the job at hand.


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