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Pelican Remote Control Cable

The new Pelican Remote Control Cable is more secure during transport and more flexible during installation and operation due to a recent redesign by the Pelican engineering team. The new design Remote Control Cable can be installed vertically or horizontally on the tank frame using L-Brackets via welding or with M10 bolts and remotely operates the 1-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2-inch valve installed at the top of the container inside the spill box.
Because of its unique two-way design, the handle can either push or pull to open the valve. In the default position, pushing the handle will open the valve, and pulling the handle will close the valve. Customized installation can reverse these open and close positions as needed by seating the handle in the upward position before completing the installation on the tank. If the handle is reversed at installation, corresponding OPEN and CLOSED indicator plates are included with the assembly to make operation clear and avoid confusion.
Calibrated adjustments can be made at the bracket to fine-tune the cable tension needed to open or close the valve. The two bolts on the bracket can be set in the position best suited for each tank or for different operating conditions.
To operate the handle, a technician must first pull out the plunger to release the handle. This plunger outperforms the competition with a durable design and long-lasting materials. It serves as a default safety device that prevents the handle from being accidentally opened or closed.
This remote-control cable is easier to install and able to be calibrated at either the valve end or at the remote handle end, or both, for complete accuracy. Our engineers also used a new type of cable in the updated remote control cable assembly. The new cable is stronger and more durable for longer life and dependable operation in more harsh environments.
North American customers can contact a Pelican customer service representative for technical details and place an order by phone or on our web-based estore search for Part Number ABV-994040-6M Remote Control Open Type. Global customers can access the Pelican Portal through the global website for detailed information including installation instructions and replacement part ordering information for Part Number 994040-6.