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How to Choose a Valve Repair Partner

Valves for the liquid tank transportation industry serve multiple, essential roles as the main product portal for tank containers and tank trailers. The valves are often used as the main loading portal, the safety device preventing accidental discharge, and as the offloading mechanism. These valves are one of the most important and valuable tank components. As such, it is vital that these components function properly during all stages for maximum safety and profitability.

Extending the life of your internal and quick clean valves provides significant benefits. Valve repair can both save money and safeguard the environment. Properly operating valves prevent downtime and discourage accidental discharge of hazardous materials, keeping valuable liquid cargo on the move and properly contained. When it’s time for repair or maintenance consider the below guidelines.

Necessary maintenance and repair to liquid tank industry valves can be an opportunity for improvement of your tank quality and functionality. When considering a valve repair partner, there are two non-negotiable requirements: 1) experience with valve rebuild and repair and 2) compatible, quality replacement parts.

Valve Repair should include:

  1. Qualified repair technicians
  2. Reputable shop performing in-house repairs, not subbed to 3rd party
  3. Plan outlining the components to be repaired or replaced
  4. Timeline for a completion date
  5. Upfront cost estimate for repairs 
  6. Prepaid freight costs
  7. Post-repair Testing
  8. Warranty on replacement components or repair work

As a part of every valve repair process, a qualified technician should create a plan outlining necessary component repair or replacement and post-repair testing requirements before work begins. Coordinate with your valve repair team to manage expectations and execute your valve repairs on time and within the agreed budget. Preferably, all repair services and testing should be handled in-house for quicker initial response time and faster turnaround. Services that include prepaid freight, as well as flat-rate pricing prevent surprise charges that quickly add to your initial estimate for repair. Ask if the repair facility can provide new build valves if your valve turns out to be irreparably damaged.

Tank maintenance and valve repair should be a stress-free experience that results in increased fleet confidence and an improved bottom line. The right partner for valve repair is important to keep your fleet on the road and your business moving in a positive direction.

If you are considering a valve repair partner, Pelican Worldwide is ready to work with you.