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Pelican Introduces the Ground-Level Operation System (GLO) with Vapor Relief

A GLO (Ground-Level Operated) system for tank containers is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of the loading and unloading processes of hazardous or volatile materials from ISO tank containers and is primarily used in the transportation and storage of liquid or gaseous substances. The purpose of the system is to unload the tank without needing physical access to the top of the tank by the operator for increased safety and efficiency.

The Pelican GLO system with vapor relief is made up of three basic elements:

  • a multi-way remote control
  • a PTFE-lined cable with a bracket
  • and a piping system with a pressure vent and pressure gauge monitoring for vapor relief.

This tank modification can help create a safer workplace for tank operators because the tank container can be operated from ground level. When operators are not accessing the top of the tank, the risk of falling is reduced by 100%.

Pelican can supply all the individual components necessary to build GLO systems for ISO tank fleets or for the repair/refurbishment of existing systems. We also collaborate with our customers to create customized prefab systems containing installation-ready sections of the total piping system. These sections require only cutting to size and installation with mounting brackets which can be quickly and easily accomplished at a depot.

Components and piping sections help customers create the GLO system that is best for their application.